Sliding Patio VUE Collection

The ultra-modern, all-aluminum VUE Collection is well matched to the custom home market. Designed to deliver the vision of architects and homebuilders.

Sliding Patio | VUE Collection

VUE Collection Sliding Patio

A modern take on a traditional sliding patio door. Narrow profiles, engineered to perform even with larger 6-0 x 12-0 panel sizes. Create large walls of glass without the deep wall depths needed for multi-slide systems.

  • style

    Choose from 6 anodized or 60 high-performance paint finishes or go two-tone all for the same price.

  • configuration

    Available in two and four panel configurations to create moving walls of glass.

  • low maintenance

    Durable aluminum exteriors and interiors never require finishing.

  • operation

    Open massive spans to the outdoors and create unforgettable spaces.

  • materials

    Aluminum profiles joined by a polyamide thermal break for enhance performance.

  • energy efficiency

    High-performance glazing options designed to perform in all climates.

Exterior Options

To help you get the exact look you desire, we offer an ever expanding palette of durable and distinctive exterior color options rated to the highest industry standards for color retention. Finishes and colors shown may not be actual representations. Please visit authorized Weather Shield dealer for color samples.

VUE Collection Color Options For Interior & Exterior

Choose from 6 anodized or 60 high-performance paint finishes or go two-tone all for the same price.

VUE COLLECTION Anodized Aluminum Finishes
Light Bronze
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
Radiant Metallic Finishes
Warm Silver
Antique Silver
Standard Aluminum Finishes
Desert Tan
Heritage Brown
Craftsman Bronze
Brick Red
Hartford Green
Gray Matters
Jet Black
Designer Aluminum Finishes
Pampered Peach
Moderate White
Accessible Beige
Olympus White
Salt Marsh
Vital Yellow
Sunbeam Yellow
Restrained Gold
Autumn Leaf
Mist Grey
Stone Gray
Aegean Blue
Blue Stone
Dark Night
Sage Green
Blue Hill
Woodland Green
Bercoritz Green
Black Forest
Bronze Green
Tudor House
Streamline Gray
Superior Bronze
Quaker Bronze
Sundried Tomato
Royal Brown


Hardware makes a dramatic statement on any door or window, gracefully transforming the aesthetic to achieve maximum visual effect.  Complement and enhance the style of any space with our curated line of finishes and designs.    

VUE Collection Sliding Door Hardware

To accompany the narrow profiles in the VUE Collection, each hardware option offers a complementary sleek design. Tested to withstand frequent use for years to come, intuitive latches and comfortable ergonomics make operation effortless.

Exterior View
Interior View
VUE Collection Sliding Door Hardware Finishes

A minimal profile with maximum elegance. The variety of finish options guarantee every piece of hardware will blend seamlessly with your overall design.

Finish options shown may not be accurate representations. Actual color samples are available upon request.

Brushed Nickel PVD
Rustic Bronze

Glazing Options

From specialty glass to high-end glazing, our windows are truly a cut above the rest. Add color and texture options to the glass in your home while enjoying the energy efficiency and quality for which we’re known best.


Maximize your windows' energy efficiency with the exclusive Zo-e-shield glazing system. With powerful layers of Low-E coating and argon gas-filled insulating airspace, our glazing options represent the ultimate in energy efficiency for any climate.

*Not available on all products.

All Climate
Ultimate Solar Control
Plus Room Side Low-E
Zo-e 5 Plus Laminated Interior
Triple Glazed with 5 Coats of Low-E*
Specialty Glass

Add color – or privacy and modesty – to your palette of design options. Special finishes and tint can give a project distinction.

Rain Glass
Obscure Glass
Satin Etch


Whether complementing the design of your home or elevating the view, our wide array of grille offerings brings your distinctive vision to life.

Grille Between The Glass

Grille Between the Glass (GBG) consist of aluminum muntin bars in between two panes of insulating glass, giving you the look of divided lites while making window cleaning easier.

11/16" Sculptured
5/8" Flat
VUE Collection Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) offer a custom, authentic look of true divided light without sacrificing energy efficiency.

7/8" Square SDL Bar

Technical Documents

2D Elevation Drawings / Size Charts
2D Section Drawings
Revit 3D Models
  • Sliding Patio Door 2 Panel zip
  • Sliding Patio Door 4 Panel zip
Quick Specifications
  • Sliding Patio Door pdf
Opening Specs
  • Sliding Patio Door 2 Panel pdf
  • Sliding Patio Door 4 Panel pdf
Structural Test Data
  • Sliding Patio Door pdf
  • Anchored Steel Mulls pdf
Thermal Test Data
  • Sliding Patio Door pdf

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