Windows for Mountain Homes

Use this guide to help you thoughtfully select the right windows for your mountain home.

If you’re building a cabin in the mountains, you’re wise to choose such a scenic location. Of course, you want the ability to soak in the views from inside your home, so plenty of windows are a must. Use this guide to help you thoughtfully select the right windows for your mountain home.



Mix and match operation styles

There’s no need to settle on one type of window for your entire mountain home. A casement style window, which swings outward by opening a crank, may provide the ease of operation you need for the window above the kitchen sink. However, the windows overlooking the deck may be better if they slide so they don’t swing outward and take up valuable deck space.


Combining shapes can also provide a visually appealing window layout. A half-circle window or sidelights paired with a double-hung window can let in just that extra bit of light to brighten the interior.



look for low-maintenance solutions

You would undoubtedly rather spend your time gazing out the windows than climbing a ladder to perform maintenance on them. For this reason, low-maintenance windows are a must in any mountain home.


Start with a low-maintenance window material. Fiberglass and vinyl are both durable choices great for withstanding the elements at higher elevations. Fiberglass- or vinyl-clad windows are a good way to enjoy the look of real wood inside your mountain home without requiring more maintenance when wood is exposed to the elements.


Then, consider low-maintenance technology, such as tilt-in panes that make window washing a breeze, or self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt on the surface of the window for less frequent washing. These solutions help you spend more time enjoying the view and less time maintaining your windows.



make energy efficiency a priority

Living in the mountains means you’re in for a cold, snowy winter. Energy efficient windows work hard to keep cold air out for lower heating bills and a more comfortable interior.


Technologies that increase energy efficiency include double- or triple-pane glass, warm edge spacers, thermal breaks, low-e coatings, gas infill, and a low air leakage rating. Look for these characteristics in the windows you purchase for your mountain home.



consider color

It’s likely your mountain home is a log cabin with natural wood siding. This helps your home blend into the scenic surroundings rather than detract from them. To continue the natural look with your windows, you probably want to choose a natural color, such as forest green, slate grey, hickory brown or light mahogany. While windows were once limited to boring shades of white and tan, these beautiful hues are now available to enhance the look of your high quality windows.


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