Sky is the Limit with Innovative VUE Collection from Weather Shield

The innovative VUE Collection from Weather Shield celebrates design possibilities in a big way.

Taking advantage of stunning landscape views can be the difference between designing just another custom home and creating something truly iconic and special. Drawing in a home’s surroundings into the interior spaces in a way that doesn’t distract or detract requires a window concept that truly excels in both form and function. Ultra-modern design. Seamless engineering. Ultimate design flexibility. It’s these attributes and more that allow the new VUE Collection to deliver on the most demanding architect’s vision.


super thin profile for maximum impact

When the outside views deserve to be the hero, glass windows and doors are meant to be nearly invisible. The all-aluminum VUE Collection features ultra – narrow profiles and industry-leading sizes to maximize every view while maintaining structural support for even the largest expanse of glass. Even the hinges on casement and awning windows are completely concealed for a clean and consistent look.  



modular, integrated system inspires creative solutions

Envisioning a massive glass wall with a unique size requirement or design consideration? All VUE Collection windows feature an innovative mullion system which minimizes obstructions to create a seamless wall of glass while delivering superior structural integrity. Window types can be joined together in any combination to create virtually any span or expansive ribbon of glass (or moving glass walls) that can be imagined. 



a designer’s dream

Whether the intended look is nearly invisible or a powerful outline, VUE Collection windows is available in three distinct glazing beads to support any design aesthetic: 


  • Square bead for a clean, modern look with squared off edges

  • Narrow bead to create ultra-slim sightlines

  • Beveled bead that creates a soft appearance with a narrow profile without sharp lines.


The VUE Collection also comes in a range of anodize and AAMA 2605-rated paint finishes for unsurpassed design flexibility to complement and enhance any design aesthetic. There’s even an option to create a truly custom look by varying the interior and exterior colors with two-tone options.



keeping the elements out. and the comfort in.

All VUE Collection windows have been engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions. The use of polyamide thermal-break profiles significantly reduces temperature transfer and promotes energy efficiency. VUE Collection windows are designed to meet and exceed some of the most stringent, energy code requirements in North America.  



environmentally friendly

Sustainability in new home design and construction is a given these days. All VUE Collection windows and doors are constructed using recyclable aluminum which won’t compromise the environment it’s been designed to celebrate.  



creating windows of “wow!”

The innovative VUE Collection from Weather Shield celebrates design possibilities in a big way. Flexible. Modular. Ultra – low profile with high performance engineering.  It’s never been easier to create custom, floor-to-ceiling glass ‘statement’ walls that take full advantage of magnificent outdoor views and bring a design professional’s vision to life with an outcome that immediately makes you say ‘wow!’

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