Signature Series Offers Expanded Aesthetic Options For Additional Design Flexibility

MEDFORD, Wis. – January 18, 2019 Weather Shield’s popular window and door line now gives architects, home builders, and homeowners more on-trend choices for creating custom residential and commercial designs. Performance, quality and innovation have always been top priorities in consumers’ window and door selections — but today, they’re also demanding more style and aesthetic options to add a custom touch to their homes.


Beginning in February 2018, the popular Weather Shield Signature Series® will provide expanded options that give architects, builders, and homeowners even more choices for customization in one of Weather Shield’s most popular window and door lines.


“The updated Signature Series line combines the beauty of traditional design with innovative, modern aesthetic updates and choices,” said Brandon Budimlija, associate product manager. “It provides architects and custom homebuilders even greater design flexibility, while offering an affordable, luxurious choice for homeowners.”


The Weather Shield Signature Series will feature various enhancements, including expanded wood species options and new all-wood interior sash for Casement and Awning Windows, as well as an updated aesthetic and additional hardware styles for Double Hung Windows.


Expanded Wood Species Options

The Signature Series windows and doors will include two new interior wood species options, Mixed Grain Fir and Character Alder. Customers can choose from a total of three wood species choices that include the already-popular Pine.


Additionally, homeowners have even more choices for customization with a range of nine durable factory finishes, such as Rich Mahogany, Golden Oak, Chestnut, and more. As an added measure of quality, the wood is also stained and sealed on all surfaces to repel moisture and includes two Clear Satin topcoats for durability and easy cleaning.


New All-Wood Interior Sash 

The updated line will also include new all-wood interior sash for Casement and Awning Windows, which can be painted with one of nine factory finishes for even more customization.


The Signature Series windows still maintain their extruded aluminum exteriors, which are engineered to stand up to the harshest elements, resisting dents, dings and scratches with rot- resistant composition for long-lasting, durable beauty.


Also, they are also customizable with 12 durable exterior color finishes, which are rated to the high-performance exterior specification of AAMA 2605. These finishes help provide long-term cosmetic and functional protection thanks to their resistance to moisture, UV radiation, weathering, and ozone.


Updated Double Hung Windows 

The Signature Series Double Hung Windows feature a revamped aesthetic that includes slimmer lines with larger glass profiles for a more modern look that still stays true to its traditional style.


“The updated Signature Series line offers an affordable, upscale choice for a variety of tastes, styles, and applications,” said Budimlija.


Additional Hardware Styles 

New hardware styles will also be available for the Signature Series Double Hung Windows. Homeowners can now choose from new flush or surface-mounted lock options for these windows, in addition to the traditional sash lock.


Hardware finishes are available in an array of colors and textures to suit a variety of styles, including options that range from modern brushed nickel to black, and more.


Weather Shield Signature Series windows and doors feature classic aesthetics and materials that embody Weather Shield’s dedication to quality that has remained true over its 62-year legacy. The line features innovation focused on quality, durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and more.


They also come with Weather Shield’s best-in-class warranty that backs its products against defects in material or workmanship for 20 years and against wood rot on all clad products for 30 years.


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