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Weather Shield is committed to expanding the skills and knowledge of design professionals by providing quality, relevant education.

Continuing Education

As a registered AIA/CES Provider Weather Shield is committed to expanding the skills and knowledge of design professionals by providing quality, relevant education.

Weather Shield offers a variety of informative AIA registered continuing education courses for architects. You will earn 1.0 learning unit upon completion of any one of these AIA accredited courses. To schedule a presentation, call Architectural Services at 800-538-8836.


Live Seminars

300117 – Fenestration for Hurricane Prone Regions

The individual completing this course will have a better understanding of the design pressure required to prevent the failure of windows and doors in hurricane regions. They will have gained knowledge of wind-borne debris testing necessary to keeping the occupants in a building safe. Finally, they will learn how critical installation is for impact-resistant window and door applications. (1 LU/HSW)

300118 – Fenestration Design & Use – 1 Day

This is a full day of detail-oriented touring of a window and door manufacturing facility. There are also classroom presentations on testing certification and selecting the right product to meets performance criteria. (5 LU/HSW)

300119 – Historic Window Solutions

Preserving the historic culture while renovating treasured buildings from the past is important. This course will describe the process by which a specifier determines restoration or replacement of windows in historic buildings and how to specify the appropriate windows to meet the historic needs of a building.  (1 LU/HSW)

300120 – Picking the Right Glass for Your Project

For most projects glass can make up a signification portion of a building’s exterior wall surfaces.  Selecting the proper glass to maximize performance and comfort can make the difference in the success of a project.  This course will help you understand the choices that need to be made.  (1 LU/HSW)

300121 – Fenestration Solutions for Contemporary Residential Architecture

Current trends for Modern residential architecture continues to be strong with a focus to maximize daylight, minimize ornamentation, and connect interiors to the outdoors.  In this course we will discuss the importance of fenestration in contemporary residential architecture both historically and today, and will identify window styles, window options, and performance measures that you will want to consider when specifying windows and doors for contemporary residences. (1 LU/HSW)

400101 – Comprehensive Guide to Performance Testing and Certification Procedures for Windows & Doors

Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire the ability to comprehend the significance of performance testing in relation to the window and door products they specify. They will be able to recognize the procedures involved in laboratory testing and the specific methods employed to evaluate these products. Lastly, they will develop an understanding of the impact of design loads on windows and doors, as well as the factors involved in determining the appropriate design load for a structure.  (1 LU/HSW)

400102 – Integrating Window & Door Products with the Building Envelope: Effective Installation Methods

Premature failures in the building envelope can result from the incorrect installation of fenestration products. This course will primarily concentrate on the best practices recommended by AAMA to mitigate such risks. Participants will gain an understanding of the significance of integrating a weather-resistant barrier during installation and how the various installation materials collaborate to establish a weather-tight opening. Furthermore, the course will provide an overview of non-flanged window installation specifically for retrofit applications.  (1 LU/HSW)

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