Open Up to Smart Home Automated Windows and Doors

The difference automation can make is astonishing.

The difference automation can make is astonishing.  Imagine pulling into your driveway and not having an automated garage door. You’d have to stop your car. Get out. Manually open the door. Get back in your car. Pull in. Get back out of your car again. Manually close the garage door. Then go inside.


That’s a lot of effort.


Now let’s think about how much impact an automated garage door makes. You simply pull into the driveway. The garage door opens. You park. You go inside.


That’s much better.


Along with a host of other smart home technologies that are redefining how we think about how we live, automated windows and doors offer significant improvements to convenience, safety, and energy savings around the home.



it’s a breeze

All it takes to open or close any Weather Shield Awning window or Multi-Slide door is the push of a button or an audible command to Amazon Alexa. That means instead of taking the time to wander around your home to hand-crank each window and slide each door, you can do what you want right away or simply sit back and enjoy a breeze — without any of the effort.


Or say a thunderstorm rolls in at night while the windows are open. Whether you’re already in bed or away from home, now everything can be kept safe and dry and you barely have to lift a finger. Plus, since windows and doors can be controlled individually, you can even close only windows and doors facing rainfall while preserving the flow of fresh air.



on the safe side

In addition to taking commands in real time, automated windows and doors can adjust given specific scenarios, many of which enhance home safety. For example, if a fire or CO2 detector is triggered, automated windows and doors can open or close themselves accordingly, which can buy critical extra time and even save lives.



more comfort using less energy

It’s no surprise that windows can have a dramatic effect on the inside temperature of a home. Thanks to automation, windows and doors can open or close at certain times of the day or if specific conditions are met. Maybe the late-afternoon sun is beating down and heating up your favorite room. Maybe a cold front passed through and it’s getting chilly inside. Creating pre-set criteria based on timing or thermostat temperatures can ensure your windows and doors put themselves in the right positions to keep heating or cooling energy use down, while keeping your home perfectly comfortable.



only the beginning

Weather Shield has a long history of product innovation, and we see automation as the next frontier. We already have a number of additional automated products planned for 2019 and 2020, and we are always looking to the future, too. Embedded solar power. Remote locking. Glass that can change opacity. Each exciting possibility has us pushing ourselves to lead the industry with automation that makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.