Next Gen Sliding Patio Door Transforms Sliding Door Category

MEDFORD, Wis. – September 9, 2019 Weather Shield Windows & Doors continues to revolutionize the fenestration market with its Contemporary Collection Next Gen Sliding Patio Door.


Debuting at the 2019 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the newest Contemporary Collection Next Gen Sliding Patio Door is transforming the sliding door category in four key areas: larger sizes, improved overall performance, superior operation, and advanced sill design.


“Staying true to Weather Shield’s commitment to purposeful innovation, we took on the challenge of reimagining the sliding patio door. We combined narrow door panel profiles and a low-profile sill to achieve industry-leading performance at sizes that rival the widest and tallest in the industry,” said Chris Schield, vice president of product marketing. “Where other sliding doors force you to make choices between narrow profiles and higher performance, we’ve delivered everything you’d desire in a sliding door in this reimagined design.”


Larger Sizes

Weather Shield is pleased to offer some of the largest sizes in the industry for its new Contemporary Collection Next Gen Sliding Patio Door.


With a 2.25″-thick door panel that offers outstanding structural performance, the new sliding door expands maximum panel widths up to 5 feet and heights up to 10 feet. This helps architects and homeowners alike to achieve their design visions for more glass and 
expanded views. 


Further, the optional direct-set fixed panel configuration creates additional visual interest through panel and direct-set combinations inspired by European design. Available in sizes ranging up to 96 square feet, it also maximizes the viewing area through large expanses of glass.


The top-mounted sliding screen also offers effortless operation in an ultra-narrow profile to minimize visual obstructions.


 Improved Overall Performance

In addition to expanding overall viewing area, the 2.25″-thick door panel also allows the new sliding patio door to offer superior performance to help improve thermal and structural (design pressure) ratings. Additional upgrades are available for impact-rated applications (such as coastal, hurricane-rated applications) and for extremely wide and tall panel configurations where maximum views are desired.


The new door also features a multi-point locking system where hardware encompasses the entire perimeter of the operating panel and locks it securely against the frame on all four sides — head, adjoining sides, and sill. This advanced locking system provides exceptional air, water, and structural performance.  


Plus, the new Contemporary Collection Next Gen Sliding Patio Door features TPE synthetic rubber weather stripping that creates a water- and air-tight barrier for maximum performance. The stripping has been engineered with advanced chemical properties that also make it extremely durable with a long lifespan.  


Superior acoustics round out the advanced performance of the door, providing exceptional sound control for a quieter home.


Superior Operation

The operation of the new Next Gen Sliding Patio Door is unmatched. First, precision bearing rollers provide one-finger panel operation that rivals that of a lift-slide door. Two or more rollers are mounted to the sill and head of each operating door panel for superior operation.


Also, the innovative locking system shifts the operating panel away from weather stripping when in use, significantly improving operation — because the panel is not rolling against weather stripping.


Builders and contractors can also benefit from the door’s easy installation. The new door installs like a standard sliding door for familiarity with contractors, while providing the benefits of the next-generation sliding door.


The door can be shipped assembled or loose to accommodate job-site conditions. Job-site-assembled doors feature the ability to easily install fixed and active door panels. This is made possible through a gasket system that eliminates the need to silicone inactive panels and promotes serviceability should the panel need to be replaced.


Advanced Sill Design

As one of the most innovative features of the new sliding door, its low-profile, high-performance 1.25-inch sill balances extremely low sill height with impressive industry-leading water performance for such a low sill height. 


This high level of water performance is achievable thanks to its wept sill design, which is engineered to channel water through the sill and away from the home. Meanwhile, a unique valve system allows water out — but not in.


Constructed of fiberglass and aluminum components, the sill also provides unmatched strength and energy performance while standing up to the harshest elements.


The advanced sill design easily integrates with finished flooring for a seamless transition free from potential trip hazards.


 Performance Without Sacrificing Style

Whether the design style is traditional, transitional or contemporary, there is curated hardware to match each aesthetic.


In addition to a wide range of hardware styles and finishes, Weather Shield also offers interior and exterior finishes, as well as premium designer stain options and more to suit any taste and provide various customization options for homeowners.


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