Incorporating Bi-Fold Doors Into Your Design

It’s decision, time and you need help deciding which doors fits your design goals – whether that be a sliding patio door or bi-fold door.

It’s decision, time and you need help deciding which doors fits your design goals – whether that be a sliding patio door or bi-fold door.


If you’re looking for a patio door that sports convenience, luxury, and more importantly practicality – look no further than the bi-fold door. If you’re looking for innovation and style – it’s Weather Shield.


We recently highlighted the features of our Contemporary Collection Next Gen Sliding Patio Door, but if you’re looking to eliminate all boundaries between you and the outdoors, here are some considerations for incorporating bi-fold doors into your design.



outdoor access to your garden, pool or entertaining area

Bi-fold doors are a perfect way to blend an indoor and outdoor space. Homeowners and guests can enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of being inside. Plus, a lot of work has gone into making the garden or pool look great for the season; being able to enjoy the backyard, garden or pool a little more without anything in the way is an added bonus. Bi-fold doors are a great option for people who enjoy entertaining and who like to move from one area to the next (indoor to outdoor), or people who just have a general love of being outdoors and connecting with nature. When fully open, bi-fold doors create an open and airy feeling, perfect for breezy summer and fall evenings.



compact and easy stow-away

Unlike sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors take up very little space when opened because they fold together and out of the way. This also means that homeowners will enjoy a larger opening space to pass through since there isn’t a foxed sliding pane – which is a basic characteristic of the traditional sliding door. If there is a concern about tight space, there is the option to stack the panels either inside or outside and out of the way.



aesthetically pleasing and luxurious

The large opening of bi-fold doors adds a modern touch to any home. That, paired with the additional natural light they provide, can enhance any atmosphere. Weather Shield carries two bi-fold design styles, in addition to high-end hardware and color options to perfectly match any décor.


Weather Shield recently released its enhanced Bi-Fold Door offerings within the Contemporary Collection™ and Premium Series®. The doors have an upgraded design that now includes an advanced, low-profile sill option that delivers optimum performance against even the harshest elements. The new low-profile, 1.25-inch sill features leading water performance relative to sill height and integrates with finished flooring for a seamless transition free from potential trip hazards. 


And to elevate the look, Weather Shield has partnered with leading hardware supplier HOPPE® North America to bring exclusive hardware to the Bi-Fold Doors, which eliminates visible hardware to offer improved aesthetics and intuitive operation. 


Do these benefits sound like they suit your home design goals? 



make a statement

Aesthetically, windows and doors are the most important feature of the home – they’re what guests notice first when they visit and what complete the look.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece of your next design or want to bring some existing plans to the next level, Weather Shield has plenty of amazing window and door offerings that can help make every single one of your projects an absolute masterpiece. Learn more about how Weather Shield’s windows and doors can elevate your project by calling us directly at 800-538-8836 or by locating your nearest Weather Shield dealer.