Creating Perfect Expansive and Unobstructed Views with New Collection of Multi-Slide Doors

Weather Shield’s multi-slide doors are ideal for creating unobstructed flows that seamlessly integrate nature and natural sunlight with virtually any interior design.

Natural light is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Studies have repeatedly proven the ability to improve everything from moods and productivity to a good night’s sleep.


And that’s just a few of the many reasons why the wide, expansive and unobstructed views of window and patio doors are now among the most popular trends in today’s real estate market. This includes seamlessly transitioning from the indoors to the outdoors with views that effortlessly expand living spaces, drench rooms in natural light and connect interiors with the natural beauty of surrounding spaces.


As a leader in “living space” creations, Weather Shield recently embraced these stylistic demands with the addition of its newly-redesigned multi-slide doors to its Contemporary Collection™ and Premium Series® of aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors. In addition to combining improved performances with easy assemblies, the new systems provide the slim-line appearances and luxe styling needed to create warm, inviting interiors that maximize light and easily transition to the great outdoors with broad, expansive views.



enhanced creative options for ambiance & bathing entire rooms with natural sunlight

Weather Shield’s multi-slide doors are ideal for creating unobstructed flows that seamlessly integrate nature and natural sunlight with virtually any interior design.  When open, you can produce one large room that smoothly flows onto decks, patio and other outdoor living areas. And when closed, you’re left with two intimate spaces that feed off of the beauty and unique, artistic stylings of each environment.


Achieved with Weather Shield’s newly-enhanced multi-slide door designs that range from 2-panel sliders to 10-pocket sliding doors, each system imbues users with the ability to comfortably stack multiple panels or even tuck them into walls to generate extraordinarily wide openings, facilitate large gatherings and luxuriously harmonize indoors with magnificent exterior views.



a limitless selection of multi-slide door options

Beauty, utility and meticulous craftsmanship are hallmarks of Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection™ and Premium Series® of aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors. Customized to meet nearly every architectural specification, our redesigned multi-slide patio doors are available in traditional stacked configurations or hidden inside pocket walls to create seamless transitions to the outdoor world. This includes widths of up to 57′, heights of up to 12′ and two panel variations that produce the clean, balanced lines necessary for enabling spectacular panoramic views and drenching interiors with broad swatches of natural light.



styles for matching every decor & designer tastes

Every home is different and motifs vary. So, Weather Shield designed its full line of multi-slide doors with the wide variety of customized choices needed to complement any aesthetic with warmth and beauty.


Dozens of interior wood, stain and finish options coupled with a multitude of exterior colors, trims and accessories are available to provide the exacting looks with a personal touch desired by most homeowners and businesses. This includes:


  • Furniture-grade stains developed with leading paint and coatings manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams® to provide clean, vivid colors, high pigmentation, excellent clarity and uniformity
  • Wood surfaces stained and sealed to repel moisture and enhance durability and ensure easy cleaning
  • An ever-expanding palette of durable and distinctive exterior color options rated to the highest industry standards for color retention
  • Clean and sophisticated door handles available in finishes ranging from classic and contemporary to luxurious and minimalist



high-end glazing & energy efficient options

From specialty glass to high-end glazing, Weather Shield is a leading manufacturer of thermally-efficient ENERGY STAR® and Title 24 compliant door systems that meet 0.30 U-Values. In addition to a large selection of specialty glass colors, textures and tints, the Contemporary Collection and Premium Series’ multi-slide doors offer a variety of insulated Low-E, Zo-e-shield and tripled-glazed energy-efficient glass systems especially-developed to reduce heating and cooling bills, provide year-round temperature comfort and block interiors from harmful UV rays.  



low maintenance & high-performance designs

And finally, the durable and low-maintenance extruded aluminum exteriors of each multi-slide door is especially-designed to stand up to the harshest elements, while also helping to prevent dents, dings and scratches. This includes a re-designed frame that combines fiberglass pultrusion with a reinforced four-roller system to ensure outstanding overall performances, smooth operation and strong, secure connections.


Other advances surround the addition of glass-reinforced, nylon endcaps that enable the side jambs to easily connect to sills using an interlocking dovetail joint and head jambs via a unique click-together system.



mastering intelligent window designs

Weather Shield is the ideal partner for architects and builders who refuse compromise and have only the highest aspirations. No matter the look & feel, Weather Shield is the master of intelligent window and door designs that help architects, homebuilders and homeowners creatively merge the inside and out with elegance, style and beauty.


To learn more, check out our Contemporary Collection, locate your nearest Weather Shield dealer or call us directly at 800-538-8836.