Combining Stunning Aesthetics, Cool Breezes & Functionality With Casement Window Designs

Windows are among the most important decisions homeowners can make. Style, functionality and the pure pleasure provided by majestic scenic views are all major considerations.

Windows are among the most important decisions homeowners can make. Style, functionality and the pure pleasure provided by majestic scenic views are all major considerations.


That’s why Weather Shield provides so many options dedicated to stunning aesthetics, quality and craftsmanship. No matter if the focus is on energy efficiency, withstanding extreme climates, honoring classic design motifs or enhancing the expansive views of custom, high-end homes, Weather Shield is the perfect partner for innovative and intelligent designs demanded by uncompromising architects and builders.


This is particularly true of the more than 6,000,000 different casement window configurations offered by the company’s Contemporary Collection, Premium Series, Premium Coastal, Signature Series and All Wood Collections – all of which are designed to maximize views, while combining modern aesthetics and flexible options with fresh bursts of air.




Weather Shield’s many collections offer a broad, bold and beautiful palette of window styles that ensure timeless aesthetics and the latest advancements in energy efficiency.


This includes the side-hinge operation of Weather Shield casement windows, which have become increasingly popular for their simple, secure designs and the ability to channel breezes throughout rooms, while delivering spacious, open views.


Easily operated, Weather Shield’s casement windows are also ideal for hard-to-reach places since the glass panes can either be opened with a lever typically positioned at the bottom of the frame or simply opened with a light push. Plus, casement windows not only open wider than most window types, they actually are designed to catch and direct cooling breezes to enhance the airflow of rooms. Other benefits include flat, snug frames that reduce the intrusion of exterior noises as well as firm, secure frames that greatly reduce the possibility of break-ins.





Weather Shield’s casement windows combine great looks and uncompromising performance. Durable and low maintenance, the extruded aluminum exteriors of many of the company’s collections and window series are designed to stand up to the harshest elements and resist dents, dings and scratches with rot-resistant compositions. A variety of colors and textures are also available along with energy-efficient Zo-e-shield® glazing and ENERGY STAR® rated glass options. These casement lines include:


  • Contemporary Collection, which offers crank- and push-out out windows highlighted by slim, modern designs and expansive views
  • Premium Series of crank- or push-out windows featuring side hinges, the company’s Tricore™ extruded aluminum exterior cladding and high-impact glass options designed for coastal or severe-storm applications
  • Signature Series highlighted by a side-hinge, hand crank design, the company’s Tricore Frame Technology and an all-wood interior sash
  • All Wood series available in a variety of styles including French, eyebrow, bows, bays, picture combination windows to offer warmth, aesthetic flexibility and classical elegance to any home design





Every home is different. So, Weather Shield has provided the interior wood, factory and designer stain, interior trim, standard and designer color, hardwood, glass and accessory options necessary for meeting nearly any homeowner demand for style and functionality. This also means casement windows with:


  • Standard crank-out operations. This includes twin windows mulled together with crank or push out options attached to each side of the frame
  • French window designs with two wide casement windows and two sashes that crank-out from the center with no center post
  • Push-out operations that open with a turn of the window’s handle and a gentle push rather than a crank
  • Wide, push-out designs with a center post
  • Push-out French window designs that include two, wide casement windows without a center post that can be opened via a sash swing or a turn of the system’s handle




Weather Shield is the ideal partner for architects and builders who refuse compromise and have only the highest aspirations. Whether the look & feel is modern-farmhouse, traditional or even ultra-modern, Weather Shield is the master of intelligent window and door designs that help architects, homebuilders and homeowners push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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