Tar Kiln Road Orleans, MA

This tired, homely cottage required more than just a facelift, but the end result of the project was a summer dream cottage that the homeowners had to keep for themselves.

Contemporary Collection Case Study

Upon taking the scenic route on a summer afternoon, a Massachusetts couple came upon a “for sale” sign in front of a tired, homely looking residence. While the curb appeal was initially lacking, it was what was on the other side of the cottage that drove them to stop that afternoon. A large marsh with a view of Pleasant Bay – and on the side of that, the Atlantic Ocean. Views for days.

But nestled on the hill was a tiny cottage that needed more than a facelift. To add to the challenge, the footprint was constrained, resulting in a mere 1,100 square feet of living space.

The homeowners’ original intent was to fix up the cottage to be a rental property, but once they started the design process, they realized it had much more potential. The homeowners envisioned that after walking in the front entrance, the panoramic views of the marsh and bay would be the focus. In addition, each room would be open and bright with 180-degree views. Windows and doors would play a big role in the final design of the modern Cape Cod cottage.

Design Challenge

The homeowners wanted to make the most of the small space they acquired. To start, the designer focused on opening up the floor plan and including windows that would showcase the picturesque views. They also needed to take into consideration that not only was the cottage small, but it was also tucked into a wooded area. This meant that the amount of light available would be a challenge and if the cottage was not designed properly – both window and door placement and selection – it could feel even smaller.

The Solution

Both the designer and dealer had previously worked with Weather Shield and felt that the portfolio of custom, innovative windows and doors would be a perfect fit for this project. After careful consideration, the Contemporary Collection Direct Set and Casement Windows and Sliding Patio Doors were chosen for the slim-line modern appearance, exposing more glass to enlarge the view.

The primary goal was to maximize a small footprint while making a big impact/statement with the views. But just as important, the design needed to include windows and doors that would grant ample light to make a small home feel like a bright and airy modern coastal cottage.

Selecting sliding patio doors over hinged doors cleared up deck space for entertaining instead of losing the space to an open, swinging door. And when the doors are open, it creates an airy feeling that transitions both indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces seamlessly.

One specific challenge that needed to be addressed – the homeowner envisioned an outdoor shower, but ordinances for those living on marshland prohibited it. By working with the Weather Shield dealer, they invented a solution of putting a door in the indoor shower that opened into the outdoor space. And problem solved.

To bring in more sunlight, the owners chose an abundant amount of direct set and casement windows throughout the home. The use of clerestories – a row of windows well above eye level – provided extra ambient light throughout the cottage; this unique architectural feature provides more open wall space and is another added benefit. The front side of the home needed only these windows because they pull in light but still provide the privacy needed from pedestrians and traffic.

What was once considered a small renovation project turned into an extraordinary improvement. The end result was a summer dream cottage that the homeowners had to keep for themselves.

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