2018 Window & Door Trends: Expansive Views, Designer-Focused Options and Affordable Luxury

There are three major trends emerging in the fenestration market.

In 2018, there are three major trends emerging in the fenestration market: expansive views, designer-focused options, and affordable luxury.

expansive views: shared space movement

The shared space movement is making its mark as a growing trend in residential design.


First made popular in urban street design, the original philosophy of the movement was to create shared environments where there is little to no segregation between spaces occupied by cars and pedestrians. The same principle is being applied to residential design, where contemporary and modern architecture helps to blur the boundaries between indoor/outdoor spaces.


Seeking harmony between the function of a building and its design, today’s contemporary design draws inspiration from modern architecture where architectural elements feature large expanses of glass, clean lines, and flowing, flexible, open floor plans that connect interiors to the outdoors. This type of residential design utilizes windows and doors with expansive glass and slim lines for opening living spaces to the outdoors and creating striking entryways into adjoining interior spaces.


Weather Shield offers various product solutions within its Contemporary Collection™, Premium Series™, and Signature Series™ lines that embrace the shared space movement by offering more expansive views.


For example, Multi-Slide Doors help bring the outdoors in with lux, minimalistic design that maximizes any space, while a new line of Bi-Fold Windows and enhanced Bi-Fold Patio Doors offer exciting new options for opening living spaces to the outdoors. Weather Shield has also recently expanded its Oversized Direct Set Windows to feature floor-to-ceiling glass up to 70 square feet and slim-line direct glaze rectangular frames that maximize the viewing area, among other product offerings. The Multi-Slide and Bi-Fold Patio Doors and Oversized Direct Set Windows are available now in the Contemporary Collection and Premium Series product lines.


And starting in February 2018, the Signature Series Double Hung Windows will also feature a revamped aesthetic that includes slimmer lines with larger glass profiles for a more modern look that still stays true to its traditional style.



designer-focused options

Aesthetics continue to play a major role in consumer window and door selections, where homeowners are seeking a variety of on-trend finish options and hardware styles to make their homes a reflection of their personal tastes.


For example, darker interiors, especially black, are continuing to make powerful statements that are both stylish and refined. Increasingly popular in the modern design movement, darker tones can create a dramatic visual accent and set a unique tone. Weather Shield offers its black poly and black latex finish options on several products to create a modern and sophisticated interior design.


Additionally, Weather Shield has debuted new furniture-grade stain offerings that are reflective of the latest trends in darker interior finishes. Ranging from finishes such as Rich Coffee to modern Greystone, the new stains are as durable as they are fashionable — making them the perfect option for any home, no matter the aesthetic.


Further, a recent trend toward “living finishes” has emerged for hardware in the industry. These highly desired finishes change naturally with use and develop a beautiful, vintage look over time that can range from subtle color changes like lightening or more dramatic changes such as developing into light browns, golds or even pink undertones. Through partnerships with Ashley Norton, Baldwin®, Hoppe®, and EMTEK®, Weather Shield will offer new handle sets with various living finish choices, which are designed to develop a lustrous patina over time


In addition, various entities with wind-borne debris standards are the Texas Department of Insurance, Miami-Dade County, State of Florida, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association


Some Florida counties require full compliance to Miami-Dade County standards. A local code office can override a state standard. It’s important to note that an architect or engineer determines the right product performance and code approval for a project.



affordable luxury

In addition to designer-focused options for contemporary designs, homeowners are also seeking expanded aesthetic offerings in more traditional styles, which can provide an affordable, yet luxurious, option for windows and doors.


For example, Weather Shield has updated its popular Signature Series line to combine the beauty of traditional design with innovative, modern aesthetic updates and choices. The Signature Series line features various enhancements to align with this trend, including expanded wood species options and new all-wood interior sash for Casement and Awning Windows, as well as an updated aesthetic, showcasing more viewable glass and additional hardware styles for Double Hung Windows.


Both the new hardware options and Signature Series enhancements will be available beginning in early 2018.


For more information about embracing these trends with innovative window and door designs, contact a dealer near you.