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Weather Shield Aspire Series

Low-Maintenance, Vinyl-Clad Wood Windows and Patio Doors

Our Aspire Series is known for featuring the classic aesthetics and materials that embody Weather Shield’s dedication to quality. With innovative design and an emphasis on energy efficiency our Aspire collection is designed for those who – like our founder – aspire to greater heights.

Aspire Series
Double Hung

Double hung windows have all the iconic appeal of a classic wood window, but the added benefit of vinyl-clad exteriors that are easy to maintain. In addition, both the top and bott...Learn More

Aspire Series

With a design as secure as it is aesthetically appealing, our casement windows make a beautiful statement in any home. The unique design features a side-hinge and a hand crank to
o...Learn More

Aspire Series

Nothing should come between you and fresh air — not even the weather. Awning windows allow maximum ventilation by operating from the bottom out, so they can be open even in the rai...Learn More

Aspire Series

With a broad, horizontal shape, slider windows perfectly frame sweeping vistas and breathtaking views while letting in more natural light and fresh air to ensure you feel perfectly...Learn More

Aspire Series
Direct Set

Specialty shape windows build character into your home. The glass panes are glazed directly into the frame, beckoning in more daylight and greater freedom of shape, style and size....Learn More

Aspire Series
Hinged Patio Door

Hinged patio doors make a beautiful statement in any home. With all the classic elegance of French doors and cutting-edge modern energy efficiency, they’re the perfect architectura...Learn More

Aspire Series
Sliding Patio Door

Dramatically transform your home with a fresh perspective, as the Aspire Series sliding patio doors provide expansive views and wide open space. The sliding operation offers high p...Learn More
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