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Choosing Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection of Windows & Doors

9/25/2015 10:15:48 AM

Modern architecture can be a challenge for selecting ordinary windows and doors for your home and having them fit the overall aesthetic. Weather Shield’s new Contemporary Collection of window and door products can eliminate the compromises and give you so much more: a full line of windows and doors that fit your modern design. They feature narrow profile frames and sash designed for a slim-line appearance and more exposed glass to maximize your viewing space.

Keep reading to learn more about the Contemporary Collection or contact us directly to locate a Weather Shield dealer near you!

About the Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection line of windows includes: It also features custom doors, including: The durable aluminum-clad exteriors are offered in 12 popular standard colors: white, cameo, tan, desert tan, Hartford green, craftsman bronze, adobe, heritage brown, brick red, grey matters, obsidian and jet black. An additional expanded palette of 45 designer colors and custom-color match are offered as well.


The Contemporary Collection also includes several exterior anodized colors for a radiant metallic finish. Hardware is offered in white, tan, brushed nickel and rustic bronze.

Benefits of Selecting Products from the Contemporary Collection

The aesthetic appeal of contemporary windows from Weather Shield is a huge draw, but you enjoy plenty of other benefits as well:
  • Energy efficiency: Enhanced frame and glazing technologies make contemporary windows some of the most efficient on the market. Choose efficient windows to keep your home more comfortable and lower your heating and cooling bills.
  • Soundproofing: The sound of noisy traffic and construction work are greatly diminished when you choose contemporary windows with soundproofing characteristics. Never again will your good’s night sleep or favorite TV show be interrupted by outdoor noises.
  • Home security: Windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of your home, but sturdy locks and high penetration-resistant glass help keep your family safe.
  • Ease of maintenance: Contemporary window frame materials are easy to clean with commercial detergent. Long-lasting materials reduce maintenance tasks to nearly zero.
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Contemporary windows from Weather Shield deliver everything you’re looking for in new windows. They’re beautiful, durable, low-maintenance and, of course, energy efficient. For help choosing energy efficient contemporary windows for your home or business, please contact us or find a dealer near you.

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