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Introducing Our Premium Coastal Series – Weather Shield’s Exclusive Line of High-End Impact Windows

9/1/2014 6:04:00 PM

If you live in a hurricane prone area, installing impact windows is not only a wise financial investment but also an investment in the safety of yourself, your family members or your employees. In some areas, it may even be a code requirement. In the past, hurricane windows were often utilitarian looking and not attractive options for homeowners, but that no longer is the case.

We are happy to introduce to you, our new high-end line of hurricane windows, the Premium Coastal Series.

About Our Premium Coastal Series Windows 

The Weather Shield Premium Coastal product line of aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors are specifically designed for distinctive homes in coastal climates. The durable aluminum-clad exteriors come standard with paint that meets or exceeds strict AAMA 2605 specifications for increased performance and durability. And, they are available in a nearly endless color palette: 12 standard colors, 45 designer colors and 8 anodized aluminum exteriors. Interiors can be specified in one of 7 species and 6 choices in finishes. Resistant to corrosion caused by salt spray, special seacoast hardware is an available as an option on Premium Coastal products.

“Coastal homes are simply magnificent – the views, the architecture and the obvious attention to detail,” said Dave Koester, brand manager for Weather Shield. “Our windows and doors contribute to the beauty of these homes. And our Premium Coastal™ products also offer comfort, aesthetic appeal and degrees of protection from wind-borne debris that other impact-resistant windows and doors or cumbersome shutter systems can’t match.”

Homeowners have several choices in glazing for their Premium Coastal windows and doors, ranging from single-glazed impact that offers the traditional protection that predominantly meets the stringent Miami-Dade County testing requirements, to Zo-e-shield™ Coastal, which combines insulated impact resistant glazing with the energy efficiency of Zo-e-shield. All of Weather Shield’s impact glazing options feature a resilient PVB interlayer fused between two panes of glass, which helps prevent flying debris from entering the home. By keeping the home sealed, this interlayer also helps protect the home against interior and exterior pressure imbalance that often results in a wind-tunnel effect and significant damage to a home and its contents.

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If you are looking for impact window installation for your home or business or would like to learn more about Premium Coastal Series, contact us directly, or find a Weather Shield dealer near you! Our window and door dealers are fully trained and provide high-quality installation to complement and enhance our premium window and door selection.

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