Energy Efficient Windows Tax Credit Expiring

The previously-expired energy efficiency tax credit was re-established as of January 2, 2013 as a part of the legislation that helped us avoid a government shutdown. This re-established tax credit is expiring December 31st, 2013, so now is the time to act if you want to take advantage of these tax savings! Your windows must be installed by December 31st
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What Is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are multi-piece windows that typically extend outward from the exterior wall of a home or business. Although they can be used, and are commonly found, on all styles of home, they are most often found on Victorian or other traditional styled homes. Bay windows are popular for many reasons, but mainly because their large size and unique shape have the ability to fill a room with natural lighting and make a small space fill larger.
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What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of window installed around the world today. First introduced to the world in 1954 in Germany, vinyl windows grew in popularity due to wood shortages and high aluminum prices following the Second World War. A new, low cost material was needed for windows and other construction components, and out of that need vinyl was created.
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What Are Thermal Windows?

Thermal windows are a type of window with energy efficient features. Thermal replacement windows, sometimes called thermal pane windows, are windows that are made up of multiple panes of high-performance energy efficient glass—making them more energy efficient than standard single pane windows.
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How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Ever wondered how efficient windows differ from regular windows? There are a number of features that contribute to the energy saving qualities of our energy efficient windows. Click here to find out!
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How To Choose the Right Windows: Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, & Warranties

In part one of this two part blog series, we discussed the many different window frame materials on the market today and the pros and cons of choosing each one. In part two, we will focus on other what you should take into consideration when choosing a window. These considerations include:
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Cheap Vs. Affordable Windows

If you have landed here, you were likely searching for cheap or affordable windows—and to help you out, we’d like to take a few minutes of your time to explain the difference. At Weather Shield, we understand that window shoppers come in all demographics with budgets and preferences that can vary considerably.
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What Are New Construction Windows?

If you are shopping for replacement windows, you have probably run across the terms “replacement windows” and “new construction windows.” So what distinguishes replacement windows from new construction windows? Naturally, the logical answer seems like it would be that new construction windows are only used in new construction projects and replacement windows are used in existing homes, but that isn’t necessarily true.
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