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Nothing Temporary About Transitional Design

10/25/2018 10:45:05 AM


Right now, transitional design is popular. Very popular.


Transitional design has grown from something thought of as a middle ground for cabinet doors to a new school of thought for architectural and interior design. By pulling together formal traditional design with the austerity of contemporary, a wonderful balance of warmth and sophistication is created.


In recent years, top design publications have been heavily favoring the transitional look in their home interior features. Considering the ease of access to new ideas and inspiration, there are significantly more design choices for homeowners these days. And thanks to this growing bevy of options, there is a new freedom for homeowners to create their own design aesthetic rather than sticking to the tried and true traditional or contemporary designs.



This trend toward transitional design doesn’t seem to have an end in sight either. Every aspect of the home has new opportunities for personalization — and that includes on windows and doors, which aren’t as black and white as traditional and contemporary.  Transitional window and door styles can be created with trim or hardware finishes or some of the details of the moulding. Or maybe it’s a stain or a glazing bead that creates that one subtle detail for the perfect accent.

Let’s use contemporary door lines for example. They have very narrow profiles, more glass and square glazing stops. To make them more transitional, choose traditional hardware as a statement piece to add elegance, or change the glazing stops to add more character with a colonial look.


As far as making traditional more transitional, contemporary casements can be used, or a square glazing bead can rest in a more traditional door profile. Of course, finishes play a big part here, too. Contemporary style finishes, the darker colors such as gray stains, add a refined feel to traditional styles. It’s all about mixing the best pieces and finding what feels right to the homeowner to define or finish their designs.



To accommodate the tremendous desire to make every design just right for every homeowner, Weather Shield has made all the different options available across our lines. Our quote system has been opened up to include far more choice than ever before and to give our customers the flexibility to make their home design unique.

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