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What Are Awning Windows?

11/29/2013 8:08:29 AM

Awning windows are exactly what their name implies. When opened, they create an awning shape that extends outward from the building. Awning windows, unlike traditional windows, do not slide up or down. Instead, they are cranked outward from a top-mounted hinge.

Awning windows have long been used in American homes and businesses, but they have seen resurgence in popularity in recent years due to their versatility both as standalone windows and accent windows.

Benefits of Awning Windows

There are several benefits of awning windows. Some of the most important benefits include:
  • Versatility – awning windows feature versatility that few other styles of window can offer.  With many styling options and the ability to be installed higher than other types of windows, awning windows provide you with greater flexibility in designing your décor.
  • Protection from inclement weather – since awning windows open out from the top, they provide protection from the rain when opened. An awning window will allow little to no leakage from rain when open, so you can continue to enjoy fresh air even when the weather is bad.
  • Privacy – awning windows can be installed higher up than many types of windows, meaning they can provide natural light and ventilation without compromising your privacy.
  • Contemporary look – awning windows can help give your home or business a stylish, contemporary look that stands out from traditional window styles.

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