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Double Pane Vs Single Pane Windows

5/24/2016 8:36:53 AM

Shopping for windows can be overwhelming, what with all the choices and conflicting information out there. The first decision you must make is whether replacing your single pane windows is even worth it. Do double pane windows really live up to all the hype? An unbiased comparison of double pane vs. single pane windows should put the matter to rest.

What Are Single Pane Windows?

As the name suggests, single pane windows consist of just one layer of glass. This is sufficient to allow a view outside while keeping the wind out. However, glass is a very poor insulator, so the outdoor temperature has a much great effect on indoor comfort if you have single pane windows. If you live in a temperate climate where you hardly ever run your furnace or air conditioner, single pane windows may be good enough.

What Are Double Pane Windows?

A step up from the single pane option, double pane windows have two layers of glass with an air pocket between them. This layer of air effectively insulates the glass to slow heat transfer through the panes.

Some double pane windows are filled with a non-toxic gas such as argon or krypton to increase efficiency even more. These gases, which are denser than air, slow heat transfer to lessen the effect extreme outdoor temperatures have on your home.

Reasons to Install Double Pane Windows

It’s true that double pane windows cost more than single pane windows. However, most homeowners who have made the switch agree the benefits are well worth it.

Lower energy bills

With less heat transfer through your windows, the cost to heat and cool your home goes down. Lower utility bills help the cost of double pane windows pay for themselves. Depending on your climate, the size of your home and how you set the thermostat, replacing your single pane windows could save you 20 to 30 percent on your energy bills.

Environmental benefits

Double pane windows lower your bills because they reduce how much power it takes to keep your home comfortable. Any time you make a change that reduces the amount of energy your home consumes, you benefit the environment.

Noise reduction

The pocket of air between double pane windows doesn’t just slow the transfer of heat – it also slows the transfer of noise. This helps soundproof your home against nearby traffic and construction for a more peaceful interior.

Less condensation

Drippy single pane windows are a real concern in the winter when extreme cold outside causes moisture in the air to condensate on the interior of the glass. Water dripping down the pane can damage the sill and even soak into the wall, encouraging mold to grow. Double pane windows help keep indoor air warmer to reduce condensation and avoid the resulting problems.

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