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Premium Series Windows add to grandeur of Christopher Newport Hall

Weather Shield Case Study
Project Name: Christopher Newport Hall at Christopher Newport University
Location: Newport News, Va.
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Architect: Glave & Holmes, Richmond, Va.
WS TM: Matt Tennet
WS dealer: Custom View Windows, Richmond, Va.
WS Products Used: 271 custom-sized Premium Series picture windows, transoms and special radius windows
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Contemporary Coastal Windows

If you live on the coast, you get to take advantage of white sandy beaches, beautiful weather and gorgeous views on a daily basis that most people only dream of. Still, you face a few unique challenges from living on the coast that require you to install more durable windows, like Weather Shield's Premium Coastal product line. If you hope to install contemporary-style windows that can stand up to the rigorous demands of salty sea air and hurricane season, there are ways to incorporate some of Weather Shield's Contemporary Collection features into Premium Coastal products. In general, here’s what to look for in contemporary-style windows.

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Double Pane Vs Single Pane Windows

Shopping for windows can be overwhelming, what with all the choices and conflicting information out there. The first decision you must make is whether replacing your single pane windows is even worth it. Do double pane windows really live up to all the hype? An unbiased comparison of double pane vs. single pane windows should put the matter to rest.

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What Are the Most Energy Efficient Windows?

Whether you’re installing new or replacement windows, energy efficiency is probably a top priority. After all, the more efficient your new windows are, the lower your heating and cooling bills become and the faster the investment pays for itself. As you search for the most energy efficient windows out there, make sure the ones you choose have the following characteristics.

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What Are Impact Windows

Windows are an important part of every home and business, allowing light and air to enter when needed. But if you live on the eastern coast of the United States where hurricanes present a seasonal threat, windows are even more important. Without the right type installed, you could be putting your home at greater risk the next time a hurricane hits. To reduce the threat, you need impact windows.

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How Do Double Pane Windows Work?

​A home without windows is like a dark cave with no opportunity for natural ventilation. Clearly, windows are an important part of any building, but glass is a very inefficient building material. Fortunately, you don’t have to experience high energy loss through the windows just to enjoy a view – you can install double pane windows for superior energy efficiency.
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What Are Thermal Windows?

​Windows are an important part of every home and business. They allow light to enter, permit natural ventilation on nice days, and provide an escape route in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, glass is a poor insulator, meaning heat can easily pass through it. Thermal windows are the energy-efficient solution to this problem.
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What Are Awning Windows?

​Choosing the right windows affects the appearance, comfort and efficiency of your home. You have many choices to make, including which operating style you prefer. Could awning windows be right for your home? Learn how they operate, the benefits of awning windows and other considerations to keep in mind.
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Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows

What do you know about different types of window materials? Fiberglass and wood are two popular varieties because of the great benefits they each provide. Wood has been around since people starting building houses while fiberglass is a relative newcomer to the window industry. Regardless of their history, fiberglass and wood are major competitors today. Take a look at fiberglass vs. wood windows so you can compare their most important features.
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