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Houzz It Going?

5/16/2014 11:35:11 AM

Remodeling and Home DesignPlanning a home project? Do you love architecture and design? Maybe you simply need to have a presence on all major social media platforms for your business. No matter your reasons or motivations, Houzz is a great choice for you.

Houzz is a fast-growing social media platform catering to home remodeling professionals, builders, landscapers, architects, designers, and more that want to connect with homeowners.

Features on Houzz

Houzz offers many interactive features that help homeowners view, discuss, and plan home improvement upgrades. At the surface, it may seem similar to Pinterest, but it is much more robust and targeted to homeowners looking to remodel.

Below are some of the many features that the Houzz platform offers to create one of the most robust and important social media platforms for home services professionals.

Photo Sharing

Like virtually all other social media platforms, Houzz has a photo sharing feature. This isn’t just any photo sharing feature, however. Houzz allows you to tag specific products used in photos and add details about the style, cost, and much more.


A Houzz ideabook is a place where you can store ideas and build dreams. It's where you save your favorite home design photos and product shots, notes, PDFs and other details of your home project. You can also use your Houzz ideabook to communicate with others working on the project.


Unlike Pinterest, Houzz has a robust discussions feature that allows you discuss your project and bounce ideas off of other homeowners and even professionals. In addition to public discussions, Houzz allows you to privately message professionals with questions about their work.


Another feature that sets Houzz apart from Pinterest and other photo sharing platforms is the reviews feature. Reviews on Houzz, combined with the extensive project details, gives users a great look into the quality of the company. Users can both read reviews from customers or business partners and see the quality of the work for themselves.

Weather Shield On Houzz

If you have any future remodeling or design projects that you are considering, head on over to Houzz to find ideas and find professionals in your area. While you’re there, we encourage you to check out Weather Shield on Houzz for replacement window ideas to add to your ideabooks!

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