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EnduraShield™ Fiberglass Windows

5/11/2014 1:19:47 PM

What’s your top priority when you’re searching for new or replacement windows for your home or office? Is it appearance and beauty? High energy efficiency? Superior durability? EnduraShield™ windows by Weather Shield® have all three!

EnduraShield™ Home & Commercial Windows from Weather Shield®


Fiberglass windows top the list when it comes to efficiency. EnduraShield™ fiberglass windows:

  • Are extremely energy efficient

  • Have high durability

  • Can conserve energy well, even in extreme temperatures

  • Don’t warp or crack easily

  • Complement any style of home or office

  • Are environmentally friendly

Whether you want EnduraShield™ fiberglass casement windows, awning windows or direct set windows, they are sure to enhance the appearance of your home and help reduce your energy costs!

Features of EnduraShield™ Fiberglass Windows

No matter what type of window you get, it will come with the following convenient features:

  • EasyCare™ glass  – resistant to excessive condensation, which helps increases energy efficiency
  • Real Warm Edge Flexible Spacer   – insulates the edge of the glass to better protect it from moisture, increasing thermal performance
  • Integral nailing fin on the exterior frame   – makes installation easier and enhances the appearance of the window
  • High quality exterior sash and frame  – extremely durable and helps protect your window from warping

Most Energy Efficient Windows on the Market

If energy efficiency is your highest priority when either buying new windows or replacing your current ones, you may want to consider the Zo-e-shield™. With unparalleled energy efficiency, it is equipped with multiple layers of  low-E coatings  that help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Fiberglass Window Installation

If you are considering installing replacement or new construction fiberglass windows or patio doors for your home, contact your local  Weather Shield dealer  today. Our dealers are trained and certified to provide top quality window installation that lives up to our reputation as one of the leading window manufacturers in the world.


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