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Windows for Resorts

6/21/2016 4:34:29 PM

As a resort owner, it’s your responsibility to make your guests feel as pampered and doted on as possible, while still securing a strong bottom line for your business. One aspect of your resort that can make a bigger difference in your bottom line than you probably realize is your windows.

Do your current windows present the high-end look you want? Do they operate efficiently? Do you spend too much time and money on window upkeep? If so, start searching for new windows for resorts and make sure they meet the following requirements.

Energy Efficient

The overhead costs of running a resort can be staggering. The last thing you need is for leaky windows to inflate your heating and cooling bills. Efficient windows may qualify for Energy Star certification, which proves they feature technology designed to slow heat transfer, keep harmful UV rays out and reduce air leaks.

Weather Shield is a proud Energy Star partner. As such, many windows from this manufacturer meet or exceed Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. Not only does this save you money every month to operate your resort, but fewer drafts and more even temperatures from room to room also help keep your patrons more comfortable. You may even qualify for tax credits when you upgrade the outdated windows at your resort to Energy Star-certified replacements.


Once you install new windows, you want them to last a very long time without the need to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance. This requires you to select windows built with durability and low-maintenance in mind.

Durable aluminum and aluminum-clad windows are some of the most popular windows for commercial buildings, including resorts. Aluminum windows from Weather Shield come with a durable anodized finish in the color you want.

Vinyl-clad windows featuring vinyl extrusions on the exterior sash and frame also lend plenty of resilience against the sun, rain, wind and snow. Design features such as fusion welded corners and sloped sills help keep water out for impenetrable windows that last for decades.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Performance and durability are features you can’t ignore, but perhaps most important for maintaining the appearance of your resort, you need your windows to look beautiful. They should come in the color you want with all the aesthetic details you’re looking for, including hardware finishes, simulated grilles, molding and more.

Weather Shield offers extensive customizability to ensure your resort windows create the exact aesthetic you want. Custom window shapes further allow you to achieve the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Weather Shield is known for its residential windows, but the company also manufactures quality windows for resorts and other commercial applications. Check out our Commercial Solutions brochure to see our windows in action at resorts, schools and restaurant chains across the country.

When you’re ready to learn more about high-quality replacement windows for resorts, contact Weather Shield today to speak with one of our window experts or find a dealer near you to schedule a consultation.

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