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What Are Clad Windows?

6/1/2016 4:24:38 PM

Perhaps you’re building a new home or you notice it’s time to replace the windows in your existing residence. Either way, you want your selection to provide the best possible benefits in terms of appearance, longevity, and maintenance requirements.

Learn more about clad windows to determine if they’re the right option for you.

What Are Clad Windows?

The term “clad” refers to any window that is wood on the interior and another material – such as vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass – on the exterior. The wood is only visible from inside your home and the exterior material covers the window sash and frame to prevent the wood from being exposed to the elements.

Benefits of Clad Windows

  • Warmth of wood without the pitfalls: Even with the expanding availability of other window materials, wood remains a traditional favorite for its ability to make your home feel warmer and more inviting. Unfortunately, wood is prone to warping, rotting, expanding and contracting after prolonged exposure to moisture. Vinyl-, aluminum- and fiberglass-clad windows leave these more durable materials to withstand the elements while still allowing wood to shine through on the interior.
  • Durable against bad coastal weather: Aluminum- and vinyl-clad windows in particular are good at resisting rain, salt and wind, making them ideal for coastal homes that must withstand the elements.
  • Energy efficient: Clad windows have better resistance against air and water infiltration than ordinary wood windows. This makes heating and cooling your home less expensive and also ensures optimal comfort.
  • Low maintenance: It’s certainly possible to keep all-wood windows looking great for decades, but they require quite a bit of maintenance, including sanding and repainting or staining. Vinyl-clad windows come in a permanent finished color that never requires repainting. Aluminum- and vinyl-clad windows have the option of being repainted, but only if you want a change of pace, not because it’s required maintenance.
  • Increase home value: Homebuyers often prefer homes with wood windows for their appearance, and the added durability and efficiency of clad windows makes them even more desirable. Clad windows will make your home stand out from others on the market and may even allow you to increase the asking price.

Other Considerations About Clad Windows

  • Higher cost: The only real “drawback” of clad windows is their higher upfront cost. Wood is a more expensive material, and manufacturing clad windows is a more complicated process, resulting in a higher price. Still, with all the benefits of clad windows – including their ability to reduce your utility bills and increase your home’s value – the extra investment could be well worth it.
  • Installation matters: The only way to enjoy all the potential benefits of clad windows is to hire an experienced window and door company to perform the installation.
Weather Shield offers a wide range of clad windows from different lines, including the Premium Series, Signature Series, Aspire Series and EnduraShield. For help choosing the right clad windows for your home, please contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you today.

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