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Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

6/12/2016 4:29:22 PM

As you compare different replacement window materials, fiberglass might top your list of possibilities. This window material is among the most popular today because of the many benefits it provides. Once you learn more about fiberglass windows – and specifically the ones available from Weather Shield – you may discover they’re the right windows for your home or commercial building.

Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

  • Energy efficiency: As much as 30 percent of your home’s heat loss can occur through the windows and doors, so it’s wise to choose a window material touted for its efficiency. Fiberglass is a natural insulator, meaning it slows the transfer of heat and cold, even without the addition of a thermal barrier that many other types of windows require. Fiberglass also expands and contracts at a lower rate than aluminum or vinyl, reducing air leaks for even better efficiency.
  • Durability: A material that maintains its strength and integrity in all weather conditions, fiberglass is a good choice for both cold- and warm-climate homes. Unlike wood, fiberglass doesn’t warp, rot or discolor in the sun. The material is also resistant to shrinkage, cracking, sagging and corrosion. These qualities help fiberglass windows last up to 40 years, more than paying for themselves in the process.
  • Low maintenance: The durability of fiberglass is what makes it such a low-maintenance material. Unlike wood, there’s no need to sand or refinish fiberglass windows. A simple wipe down with a cloth is all you need to keep them looking like new.
  • Environmentally friendly: Fiberglass requires less energy to manufacture and produces less waste material. At the end of their life, fiberglass windows can also be recycled.

Benefits of Weather Shield Fiberglass Windows

Even with all these benefits of fiberglass in mind, it’s important to realize that not all fiberglass windows are created equal. Weather Shield windows are superior to competing products because they come with additional features for increased home comfort, efficiency and durability. Some of these features include:
  • EasyCare glass: A permanent coating of titanium dioxide on fiberglass windows reacts with UV rays from the sun to decompose organic material that lands on the glass. When it rains or you hose down the windows, this material effortlessly washes away.
  • Warm edge spacers: Spacers are required to keep double-pane windows a set distance apart so they can be permanently sealed. Warm edge spacers have improved thermal performance to reduce heat flow through the edge of the windows and reduce condensation.
  • Durable construction: Weather Shield fiberglass windows have corners sealed completely with a corner key and adhesive for added stability and strength. Frames also feature a rigid integral nailing fin for increased structural integrity and simplified installation.
  • Premium finishes: With several interior and exterior colors to choose from, you can customize the look of your Weather Shield fiberglass windows with finishes that will never scratch, chip or fade.
To learn more about quality fiberglass windows from Weather Shield, please contact us directly or find a Weather Shield dealer near you.

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