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Advantages of Double Pane Windows

6/8/2016 4:28:08 PM

Are you considering replacing your old single pane windows? Maybe you’ve put off the upgrade for a while because you don’t want to make the investment. However, once you realize the many benefits of double pane windows, you’ll be ready to make the switch.

Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass. Spacers hold the panes a set distance apart and tightly seal a small air gap between them. This improves insulation by slowing heat transfer through the glass, making these windows much more energy efficient than single pane windows.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows

You can expect new double pane windows to provide the following benefits when compared to your existing single pane windows:
  • Lower heating and cooling bills: When you sit or stand close to a single pane window on a cold winter day, you probably notice a stark temperature drop. The cold air infiltrating your home through the window increases your heating bills. The same can be said of cooling bills in the summer. Fortunately, you can slow heat transfer through the glass by installing double pane windows.
  • More comfortable home: Hot and cold pockets are common in homes with single pane windows. Help each room remain the same comfortable temperature with better insulation provided by double pane windows.
  • Soundproofing: While they aren’t completely soundproof, double pane windows are better at insulating against noise than their single pane counterparts. This muffles the sound of traffic, construction and the noisy neighbor kids for a more peaceful interior.
  • Reduced condensation: “Sweating” windows are most common in winter when moisture in the air near the window cools and condenses on the glass. In addition to being unsightly, condensation can drip down the glass and damage the windowsill. This occurs less often with double pane windows.
  • More advanced window features: Single pane windows are outdated technology. New windows not only come with multiple panes of glass, but you can also find other advanced features, including low-e coatings, reflective films and gas in-fills. These further improve energy efficiency and home comfort.

Things to Keep in Mind About Double Pane Windows

You can find double pane windows in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood-clad. Each material offers different benefits you should consider before making your final decision.

Also keep in mind that you need to replace every window in your home to enjoy the energy efficiency and comfort benefits of double pane windows. Each window works together to tighten your home’s outer envelope and keep outdoor temperatures and noises at bay.

Finally, even if you choose the very best double pane windows available today, you can only expect to reap the benefits if you leave the installation to a professional. Installing windows is a complex task, and one slip up could greatly reduce the efficiency, durability or functionality of your new windows. Plus, attempting a DIY installation could void the warranty.

For help choosing new double pane windows, please contact Weather Shield directly or find a dealer near you today.

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