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Contemporary Collection Named 2016 Top 100 Product


Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection™ continues to gain attention from the builder and architect community. The latest accolades come from Professional Builder, the leading business publication for the new-home construction market. It has named the Contemporary Collection one of the Top 100 Products for 2016. The Contemporary Collection was selected from among thousands of products featured in the past year on the pages of Professional Builder, which profiles all of the Top 100 Products in the August issue of the magazine and online at

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Caring for Wood Windows

Wood is among the most desirable materials for residential windows. While this material requires more maintenance than other types of windows, the beauty and warmth of wood is unmatched. Follow this guide to help you care for your wood windows starting on day one to help them last for many years to come.


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Windows for Mountain Homes

If you’re building a cabin in the mountains, you’re wise to choose such a scenic location. Of course, you want the ability to soak in the views from inside your home, so plenty of windows are a must. Use this guide to help you thoughtfully select the right windows for your mountain home.

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Common Types of Replacement Windows

With a wide variety of window styles to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed by the selection. Consider five common types of replacement windows and their unique advantages to help you decide what’s best for your home.

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Choosing the Best Window Replacement Material

Considering new windows for your home? Maybe you know which operating style is your favorite, but which material will deliver the look and longevity you’re hoping to get from your new windows? Consider five of the best replacement window materials available to help you understand which is best for your home.

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Can Impact Windows Prevent Burglary?

The main reason you probably consider installing impact windows is to protect your home from hurricane-force winds. This makes impact windows particularly popular along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic seaboard where coastal storms are common and unpredictable. But did you know that impact windows also have the potential to protect your home from unwanted intruders?

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Attractive Basement Windows

If your home has a basement, the living space here can be just as comfortable as the ground floor and second story. A big part of finishing your basement and converting it into a comfy living space is to make sure plenty of natural light shines inside. This prevents the basement from feeling like a dungeon and helps make the space one of your favorite places to hang out. Use the following ideas to help you select the right basement windows.

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Annual Window Maintenance Tips

Since replacement windows are a hefty investment, you're wise to seek advice on extending the life of the windows you already have installed. Wood windows especially require annual maintenance to maintain their beauty and functionality. Even if you have low-maintenance vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum windows, it doesn't hurt to perform a bit of maintenance to help them last as long as possible.

The following tips are simple, inexpensive and relatively quick to perform, yet they have a substantial impact on the long-term appearance of your windows.
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How to Remove Windows from Your Home

If you’re looking at installing new windows in your home, the first step is obviously to remove the old ones. You must complete this step with care to prevent damaging the opening and making window installation more difficult. Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove windows from your home. In all large window projects, we recommend consulting a professional to get the job done to ensure that your home's value only increases with the investments and improvements you make. 

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Guide to Hiring a Local Window Contractor

If you’ve researched the style of windows you want, you’ve taken an important first step. However, because quality window installation is important for performance and longevity, you should carefully consider which contractor to hire for the job.

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