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The Gold Rush

6/19/2020 1:29:46 PM

Weather Shield’s New Hardware Finish Now Available

What’s new about brass finishes? The modern lines and brushed finishes, that’s what. Weather Shield is now introducing a modern brushed gold finish option for their Contemporary Collection casement and awning window hardware. 

This touch of gold is becoming one of the top finishes for faucets and hardware throughout the home. With Weather Shield’s matching accents you can achieve a modern look for your interiors.

Can you mix finishes? Absolutely. Creating a unique space that is just for your style and taste is what Weather Shield is all about. 

They have more sash colors to choose from and that creates a new look and feel with various combinations. Take a look at some of the style options we’ve combined below and ideas on how to achieve these in your project.

The Modern Farmhouse: Black and Gol

There isn’t any greater trend in window color than the black interior sash colors we see today. A lot of these windows are sheetrock return styles with thinner contemporary lines of a casement window. Some have muntins and mullions for a nod to turn of the century farmhouse styles. This design trend is all about high contrast between black and white and gold. Each element is needed for a contemporary design.

Choosing an interior color with Weather Shield is easy and they are shown on their website.  Black options are a prefinished latex painted black or poly painted black from the factory or there are two other options in the designer stain series.  The first is Rich Coffee and the second is an Ebony stain.  Both of these luxurious finishes are beautiful options to achieve a black and white farmhouse feel with a touch of gold on the hardware. That gold accent is what brings the whole farmhouse look into today’s desired design.

Another option is to order the casement windows primed and paint whatever dark charcoal or black you’d like for your style. We’ve designed spaces with Weathershield windows and the product quality is outstanding. 

Cottage Style: White and Gold

The second most popular window color for interiors is white. It’s been popular for a long time and feels classic like an east coast cottage. Weathers Shield happens to manufacture one of my favorite windows styles of all time - the push out casement window. Ordered with a white interior and the new brushed gold contemporary hardware, this casement window is so unique and coastal. The trend is all about framing the environment with bright clarity.

Imagine pushing open both sides of the casement window with brushed gold hardware in your porch or living room for the sea breeze or fresh air from the prairies or mountain mists. Don’t worry about screens because it can roll out from the sash once you’ve opened your window.
Mixing white with gold brushed hardware is the new modern white window. Touches of gold immediately appeal to today’s buyer with brushed brass finishes one of the most popular next to matte black.

Weather Shield’s white options are available in prefinished latex white and a prefinished white poly from the factory. The other choice is to choose your own white and order the windows primed for the paint color of your choice.

Hollywood Regency: Greystone and Gold

What’s the third most popular color in windows today? Grey. And Weather Shield features a beautiful designer stain named Greystone. Mixing grey and the new brushed gold contemporary hardware achieves a Hollywood Regency look and feel. This style is all about glamour.
Imagine a grey on grey wall and window with the golden flourish of the new hardware. That is how this particular style brings the focus to the golden accent. 

Grey is a great neutral that can blend with today’s other neutrals such as navy, black, and white.
Another great style option for Hollywood Regency is to add hinged doors with matching brushed gold hardware. This nod to the classic is updated with the glints of gold across the room. We’ve seen rows of casements with rows of doors out to verandas, porches and patios for the outside in feel.

Mid Century Mod: Fruitwood and Gold 

Here’s a big trend that maybe you haven’t noticed yet but light woods are coming back strong and Weather Shield has the perfect light wood sash in their Designer Stain collection - Fruitwood.

Imagine a stack of larger awning windows in a modern Mid Century inspired home design. Adding a touch of gold with the light wood brings this style into today's modern aesthetic.
Weathershield has other light wood options as well. Clear satin stains are available on pine, oak, maple and alder. We designed a space with their vertical fir wood species on a patio door that was stunning. Light woods warm modern spaces and they bring a beautiful high quality finish to the forefront.

Barbara Schmidt is a nationally recognized Interior Designer and Residential Expert - for more of her interior design and her authored works see

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