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Window and Door Design for Storm Protection

By Jeff Kibler, ‎Architectural / Commercial Manager
House with Premium Coastal windows

Of the 10 most destructive hurricanes in the history of the United States, eight occurred in the past 13 years causing $338 billion in total damage. 

In a Weather Shield AIA course titled “Window and Door Design for Storm Protection” (CES Course 200104), we explore wind-related building code changes and products that help protect buildings. Please read on for course highlights.
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Inspecting Your Windows After an Extreme Weather Event: What You Need to Know

By: Bethany Marcott, Continuous Improvement Specialist

Your windows and doors are designed to protect you from the elements, however, sometimes nature takes an aggressive approach and exceeds the ratings that your windows and doors were built to withstand.  These extreme weather events can damage your windows and doors.  After an extreme weather event has moved through your area, you should inspect your windows and doors for damage that may have occurred.
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Sleek Black Interiors — Now Available in Latex and Poly


Black interiors make a powerful statement that is both stylish and refined. Increasingly popular in the modern design movement, darker tones can create a dramatic visual accent and set a unique tone.
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Selecting the Proper Glass for the Appropriate Application

By Jeff Kibler, ‎Architectural / Commercial Manager

Thanks to modern technologies, we ask more of window and door glass than ever. We want glass that’s transparent and can block the flow of heat and cold between the indoors and outdoors, block sound and resist impact from storms and intruders.
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Custom Weather Shield Windows Integral Feature of Solitude Creek Renovation

Built in 1989, a beautiful Dutch Colonial house on Solitude Creek was in need of renovation due to mold and mildew infiltration from floods and subsequent rotting. Being located within a 100-foot buffer zone on this small estuary in a Maryland shore town, the elements had definitely taken their toll on the structure.
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